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15 Medium-Length Hair Tutorials Even Beginners Can Handle 2022

Honestly Quick and Easy hairstyle for women

I Know You’re Looking For Something different for your hair, NEITHER SHORT NOR LONG. YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, READ this text to end and learn a new hairstyle.

So, he painted a super invitation for tonight and he won’t have time to stop by the salon to do that hairstyle and do a nice tidy up of the locks. So you show up here, because you know that we always have incredible tips for everything including step by step for hairstyles for medium hair. There are several possibilities to get your hair styled for a party , a graduation, a wedding , or for any special occasion. Stuck, semi-trapped, bun, braids, loose , use your creativity and make a great impression.

Going to a party or planning a date? These simple and beautiful hairstyles for medium hair allow for creating stylish and elegant looks. Scroll on to see 15 ingenious hairdos, as well as 1-minute tutorials for each of them. It’s time to play with your medium-length hair and get the most out of it!

Not Your Grandma’s Claw-Clip Hair

How about making yourself ready for a party with as little effort as possible? This tutorial will show you how to create a masterpiece, using just a flat iron, a claw clip and a little bit of a fixing spray. This hairdo will be an amazing option for both a special occasion or for everyday wear. Don’t forget to leave some locks loose for a greater volume!

glossy bar barrette not your grandma claw clip hairstyle

not your grandma's claw clip hair

Quick and Easy Summer Braids

That hair tutorial requires a bit of patience, but you wanna look fine, don’t you? We’re going to weave a French braid and fix it with spray. You’ll need elastic bands, as well. There’s one important tip for this hairstyle: You have to keep the top parting clean, and, in the back, it’s preferable to take uneven sections. In that case, after pulling it apart, you’ll get a unique style!


Festival Hair

Are you going to have some fun at a party? Check out this tutorial then. I’ll show you how to make this hairstyle with the help of simple tools. So, you’ll need a texture spray, a comb, a chameleon curler and small pins. Tip: Place the hairpins in a herringbone pattern to make your image even more stylish and playful.

Texture for Fine Hair

You should consider this style ifyou’d like to add some shine to your thin hair. You’ll need a flat iron, a comb, and, of course, a reliable clip to fix the strands. This tutorial shows you how to create soft natural waves with a flat iron and arrange your strands as you wish. The result looks just great; it is stylish carelessness, which is always in fashion! A great choice for a night out.

texture on straight hair

Barbie Pony

I bet you were once fascinated with Barbie’s look! Let’s see how you can put her image into action. For this hairstyle, you’ll need a comb, Perk Up Dry Shampoo to add some volume to your hair (as well as a volume powder), Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray, clips, a curling kit and several flips in hair extensions. And, sure, a hairband, for we’re going to create a stylish ponytail! After you’re done with it, you’ll look just as good as this girl– sweet and feminine!

fancy barbie ponytail hairstyles

Voluminous Fishtail

Fishes can hardly serve as fashion standards. Still, a voluminous fishtail is a kind of hairstyle that every fashionmonger would like to try. Arm yourself with a blow dryer, volume mousse and a swivel curler. Artificial braids are also an inherent part of this hairstyle. The most important stage of making it is weaving a tail. Do that thoroughly, and do not forget to add some volume to it!

side swept voluminous fishtail ponytail

 Lived-In Braid

This is a simple yet elegant hairstyle. To create it, you’ll need a curler, Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, and All-Around Working Spray. We’re going to treat the hair with the curler and then weavе a braid, which should be narrow at the end. After just a couple of minutes, you can enjoy your chic and multi-purpose hairdo.

cute hairstyle for medium hair

Faux-Hawk Upstyle

And, now here’s a tutorial to teach you how to make a faux-hawk. This is an essential life hack if you want to look fresh and cute, even in the course of multiple days between hair washings. Consider using two kinds of spray: dry texturizing and texturizing finishing. A comb, an elastic band, and a clip are applied as well. Weave a faux-hawk, spray it and make the side strands wavy with a curler. That’s a hairstyle for a cool woman!

easy faux hawk hairstyle

Both Formal and Casual

Tired of following the same style? This tutorial will teach you how to stay pretty and natural at any time. A formal hairstyle may be turned into a casual one; to achieve this, arm yourself with a comb, a curler and pins. All you have to do is to twist the hair inside and to fix it with a simple clip. Smoothing the ruffled feathers was never that easy!

  • side bun with a braid

 Accent Braid

Straight hair requires an accent braid to emphasize its character. Just try to give your face a charming framing. I suggest using elastic bands, bobby pins, a flat iron and a texture spray. Weave a braid that will dominate your whole image and add some romantic hints to your appearance.

accent braid hairstyle and how to recreate accent braid at home

Loose Braid Updo

A professional updo is what you need if you want to surprise your friends with a new image. Use your comb, curling iron and a fixing spray. Creating a voluminous weaving should be done thoroughly for the perfect updo. And, do not forget to leave some loose strands near the face, in front. Look, how tender and elegant this hairstyle is!


Big, Side Bun

What would a beauty take to a desert island with her? Well, surely, a texture spray and several bobby pins! A big, side bun is the kind of hairstyle that requires a bit of fantasy and creativity. Elastic bands and little pins are used for better fixation. As a result, you can get a quick bun with two spikes on both sides. Ideal for date night!

side bun with a braid

Textured Pony

The red bandana is an eternal classic feature, and it can help you to look as elegant as your favorite Hollywood cinema stars. Your beauty kit should include a hair spray for better fixation, a flat iron to make your strands wavy and an elastic band to create a perky ponytail. And, then add some zest, that is, a red bandana, to emphasize the image. Here you go! Isn’t that a hairstyle that would make all eyes to be on you?

Textured Ponytail

 “No-Heat Holiday” Hair

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a quick way to arrange your hair in a fantastic style, without the blow dryer. We’re going to add some braids to complete the volume and make some stylish weaving. For this hairstyle, I use a comb, a black band, one hair elastic and spray for better fixation. Loose strands will add a bit messy, but natural and sweet look. This hairstyle would be perfect for any occasion – a wedding, friends’ party or a date night.

no heat hair checopie

Topknot Magic

You may be fond of different hairstyles for your medium hair, but this topknot is something you shouldn’t miss. It looks perfect when it’s voluminous enough and suits both romantic and discreet images. You should use a curler, a comb, a clip, Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, PowderFix and a fixing product (something like All-Around Working Spray). Make a voluminous topknot, fix it with an elastic band and treat the side spikes with the curler. Amazing option for a walk or a party!

topknot magic on bob hairstyle

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