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15 Fabulous Updos for Women

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Updos like coke and coke are perfect hair solutions for a casual and formal event. Loose or braided hairstyle may look elegant, but they definitely can’t beat updos. Hairstyles are associated with traditional hairstyles that give a real look with a modern touch. Below we list fabulous updos for women with short, medium and long hair.

List of Fabulous Updos for Women:

1.) elegant updo

This is one of the elegant updos for women with long hair and broad shoulders. It is a simple variation of the chignon. The elegant updo is a perfect hairstyle for a formal meeting and wedding as well.

updo for wedding

short wavy to easy updo hairstyle


side bun with a braid

easy faux hawk hairstyle

2.) Dirty Updo

The messy hairstyle is quite these days, from celebrities to a college going to girl everyone like looking unkempt hair. It is a perfect hairstyle for a casual stroll. The messy bun will put you at the top of fashion and earn a lot of praise too.

3.) elegant updo ball

Elegant ball updo is one of the fabulous updos for women with long, thick hair. If you are a bridesmaid or going to a prom, this is the hairstyle you must wear. The braid wrapped around the bun complements the hairstyle.

4.) Braided updo

This stylish hairstyle is quite complex, but trust us it’s worth taking a chance. All thanks to the elegant finish you will achieve. Simply split your hair and 3 different sections and make a backcomb in the center, then twist your hair and finally tie it up.


5.) No Frills Updo

This is one of the ideal updos for women with full hair length, but not for very short hair. This stylish hairstyle will definitely give you a heads turner look. Whether it’s a formal or casual event, you can always combine that hairstyle with your outfit.

6.) Twirl Updo

This is one of the perfect updos for women with thin hair. It will add some volume and glamor to the simple hairstyle. The highlight of the hairstyle is, of course, the big turn.

If you are looking for a simple and modern hairstyle, then this is the ideal solution for you. It will give you a bold look that goes well with long dresses and short skirts too.

8.) Side Braid Updo

Don’t have time to dry your hair after washing your head? So this is a suitable hairstyle for you. Simply pull your wet hair in a French braid from the ear to the nape of the neck and secure it with clips and that’s all you need to do for an attractive look in no time.

glossy bar barrette not your grandma claw clip hairstyle

9.) Knotted Side Updo

If the rolls please you, then you should try your hands with this knotty and elegant hairstyle. This gorgeous hairstyle will definitely give you a heads turner look. All you need to do is wear this hairstyle with complete confidence.

10.) Simple Braided Updo

This romantic updo will definitely remind you of the real medical appearance. Here the French braid is hidden at the bottom. The thin fringe gives a smooth and feminine appearance.

11.) Headband Updo

Fabulous Updos for Women

This hairstyle may seem complex, but trust us, once you have mastered it, you can’t waste any time. This is an apt hairstyle for regular and night date as well. All you need to do is wear a headband and attach your hair to the elastic on the headband on all sides.

12.) Curled Hairstyle

This modern and beautiful hairstyle is suitable for informal and formal events. This stylish hairstyle needs some hair clips and hair gel for a good finish. A slight provocation will add volume to the hairstyle.

13.) Woven Updo

This easy-to-do hairstyle should be the first choice for a daytime or evening event. This stylish hairstyle will give you a win-win appearance. Pair this with a solid color dress and robust accessories for the attractive look.

14.) Braided chignon

This is a good variation of the bun and a perfect hair solution for times when you don’t have time to comb your hair. This hairstyle is a breeze for all college students. Then try it once.

15.) Bulky Bread

A voluminous bun is a perfect hairstyle for women with long, thick hair. This elegant hairstyle will give you a bold look. This is definitely inspired by the look of the 60s. Isn’t it so feminine and elegant?

Fabulous Updos for Stylish Women

not your grandma's claw clip hair two messy pigtail buns updo - checopie braid and updos hairstyle 2 in 1 wedding-updo-hairstyle-before and after updos for every hair type and length wedding-updo-hairstyle-15

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