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15+ Bright Neon Nail Designs

15+ Bright Neon Nail Designs -for 90’s and early 2000’s fully back in style look

The bright neon colors with their high luminosity provide for lively nail designs on your nails. The term neon colors is used in nail design to describe colorful colors with particularly high saturation. They are found in the color palette of acrylic, gel, shellac, UV nail polish and conventional nail polish.

In the 1980s, the strong colors found their way into fashion and since then have been hot trends in different variations again and again – recently, a radiant neon green caused a furor.recently caused a sensation, with stars such as Blake Lively, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian wearing it on the red carpet.

What makes neon colors so special?

The exceptionally bright colorful neon colors are used to attract attention and are considered the best-known signal colors. Generally, for example, warning signs are created in neon colors so that they immediately catch the eye and stand out from their surroundings. In advertising, they are also used because they attract attention and put a product or an offer in the right light. In nail design, they provide unique highlights that represent a change from the usual colours and with which trendy effects can be created.

Nail design in neon colours: 8 questions to the expert

Why are the neon colors so popular, when are they worn and how can I implement the look in the office? Our nail designer Stefanie answers our 8 questions about neon nails.

Why are neon nail designs so popular?

Nail designer Stefanie: “Neon colors have been a trend for a long time, which looks super modern and refreshing. For many, however, it is out of the question, mostly for professional reasons, to wear these bright colors as clothing, for example as a shirt or pants. Nevertheless, these colors inspire and in nail design they offer the perfect opportunity to bring targeted trendy splashes of color in everyday life. In the nail studio, young female customers choose the look just as much as the 65+ generation.”

When do colorful nails in the neon look fit?

Nail designer Stefanie: “In the nail studio the neon colours are In the nail studio, neon colors are super popular in the summer, they simply give every look the right sunny flair and are an absolute favorite for holiday nail design. Especially with summer outfits in white, cream or nude tones, the neon nails look stylish and provide that certain something.”

When does the neon season start?

Nail designer Stefanie: “The neon colours follow the pastel Easter colours and the spring-like nuances in the nail studio year. Between June and September they are the stars in nail design! If you leave the grey German winter behind and fly to the beach over Christmas, you can also implement the extraordinary look on your nails then.”

Which nail length for neon designs?

Nail designer Stefanie: “For neon looks as full cover, all nail lengths are suitable, from very short to ultra-long – here every customer can choose what she likes and what is feasible for her in everyday life. The radiant colors just always work and don’t need much length to show their extraordinary charm.”

Which nail shape suits the neon look?

Nail designer Stefanie: “Here, too, every customer should choose what she likes. In trend at the moment is the rounded almond shape, but also classics like the square nails or the pointed sexy stiletto nails are suitable for the look. If neon is worn as a full cover, it’s a no-fuss nail design that just fits in many variations.”

How do I wear neon when my job doesn’t allow for colorful nail designs?

Nail designer Stefanie: “If you can’t wear neon nails because of your job, you can easily put the beautiful look on your feet as a trendy pedicure. During the day the toes disappear in the shoe anyway and in the evening they can then be shown off to their best advantage. In general, I find a pedicure in neon colors very appealing. Alternatively, small details like stamping in neon colors for a jewel nail with a nude base shade or a neon french instead of a full cover may be possible in some trades.”


What does neon mean?
The term neon colors can be traced back to the so-called neon tubes. These fluorescent tubes filled with the inert gas neon, as well as many other types of modern fluorescent tubes, were increasingly used in the 1960s and provided brightness with an unprecedented luminosity. While the neon tubes shone in red-orange due to the inert gas, other fluorescent tubes brought many other bright colours into households in addition to the classic white. Thus they became the term for “neon”, which was transferred to all similar radiant colors.

How do I implement the neon look in the short term?

Nail designer Stefanie: ” Neon nails are a great choice for short holidays, events and parties – you can’t always just keep wearing them during the week then. My trick: Even if you wear gel or acrylic nails, you can spice up your look on the weekend with classic nail polish in neon colours and apply it on Sunday evening. and easily remove it on Sunday night for the work week!”

Your tips for applying neon colors?

Nail designer Stefanie: “The bright neon colors are sometimes not as rich and highly opaque in the first application as other shades. In this case, I recommend applying three thin layers to the nail for optimal opacity and color brilliance and letting each one cure individually under the UV light, rather than applying two thick layers.”

Top 7 neon colors for your nail design

“Because I love pink on nails in general, pink is also my favorite when it comes to neon colors– but cool nail design offers a wide range, so there’s a color for everyone,” says our nail designer.


  1. NEON YELLOW: This shade is one of the most famous and eye-catching variants of neon colours. It provides a radiant highlight, because no color shines more on the nails than yellow. The color is symbolic of summer, sun and good mood. It works great with jeans outfits and is a stylish addition to silver or gray shades, as well as brown, taupe, cream and beige.
  2. NEONORANGE: Lively, vibrant and imaginative, the color neon orange looks great on your nail designs. Khaki, grey and beige are the perfect companions of this wonderful color. Nails in neon orange look especially summery and fresh with outfits in white.
  3. NEONROT: Super intense and an absolute eye-catcher is the neon color red. It looks simply outstanding on the nails and is guaranteed to draw attention to the extraordinary nail design. This color on the nails offers a seductive contrast to every outfit. Fashion in nude tones, from gray to taupe to cream, are the perfect companions for this look, but the signal red also makes a good figure with dark jeans.
  4. NEONPINK: This colour gives a youthful, modern and feminine look to any nail design. The trendy color is perfect for summer looks. The colour can be stylishly combined with olive or muted shades of grey. A look with camel brown in combination with bright neon pink is particularly trendy.
  5. NEONVIOLET: Is the dignified version of the neon look on the nails. This color has a special depth, which provides a noble look on the nails. Nude shades like beige and grey also look perfect with this neon color. Light and medium denim blue create a casual look, while white outfits with purple nail designs look summery and light.
  6. NEON BLUE: As a neon colour, blue appears calmer and more serene than the other colourful shades. With neutral colours like white, cream or beige as well as with brown, the radiant blue always looks good and even appears almost a bit classically maritime with a pinch of sophistication due to the neon glow. Outfits in pink, lilac, mint or pastel yellow are the perfect summer companions to a blue neon nail design.
  7. NEON GREEN: Youthful, fresh and harmonious is the effect of a striking neon green on the nails. These nail designs can be perfectly combined with summery outfits in lilac and also look elegant with the popular nude shades. With white, the neon look in green becomes super summery and casual.

Speckled Neon Nails

Black brings out the neon colours in this nail design even more! The idea can be used on any neon colour of your choice; but pink and orange go together particularly well. #neonnails #nails #nailsofinstagram #nailart #summernails #gelnails #nailsonfleek #neon #ombrenails #glitternails #longnails #nailsoftheday #inspire #nailstagram #acrylicnails #instanails #coffinnails #nailsnailsnails #manicure #u #nailstyle #pinknails #naildesigns #nailporn #nail #nailtech #naildesign #nailpro #nailartist #bhfyp

The brighter, the better! Combine fuchsia and a bright orange hue for this summery nail design. Some nails have more orange while others have more fuchsia, making for a relaxed, imperfect and fun vibe.

Neon Green Tips

Trendy Memphis print is back with a vengeance in graphic design and clothing — and it’s being used in nail art too! We love this rendition using bright neon nail polish for a fun and whimsical design.

Fuchsia and Orange Nails

This trippy nail art combines pink, yellow, green and orange neon for a totally psychedelic look. Pair with your favourite peace sign ring and happy face t-shirt and you’re ready to go with a fun 90’s look.

Neon Memphis Print

Go fruity this summer with this fun and ultra bright nail look. Fluorescent orange is one of the most eye-catching colours in the neon family, and pairs perfectly with an accent orange-print nail design.

Psychedelic Nail Design

This nail art design has it all – cute colours, a fun pattern and a neat effect. The nail artist used bright, neon colours with an ombre effect over a cloud and star design. The result is a dreamy but bright look!

Citrus Nails

Did you know there is a fluorescent or ultra-bright version of almost every primary and secondary colour? Neon opens up a whole new world of nail designs.

And with the 90’s and early 2000’s fully back in style, these are definitely some of the top nail trends to expect for this summer.

Get inspiration for your next nail appointment (or your next DIY nail set) with these 15 bright neon nail designs.

Neon Clouds

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