112+ Living Room Design Ideas: Tips for choosing style, Decoration and Furniture

Living Room Decoration Tips

Interior design of a living room in an apartment: a photo of the idea of ​​a beautiful interior design. The choice of style, the design of walls and ceilings, the selection of furniture for the living room.

Living room in the house – this is the place in which, as the name implies, receive guests. However, the owners themselves rest here, spending time in front of a TV or a book, with drinks, pleasant conversation and other activities. Therefore, the living room should be the most comfortable place in your home.

If your family consists of several people, it is important to consider the interests of each. It is possible that for some of the family members, when developing the living room interior in the apartment, they will have to devote a place to working at a computer, doing creative work, even sports. All these points must be planned at the design stage of the room.

Determine the center of the living room

The design of the living room is inseparable from a competent layout. After looking at examples of photos of the living room in the apartment, you can see various options for planning space. Of course, the choice depends on your preferences, as well as on the size and functionality of the room.


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In no case should you place sofas and armchairs around the perimeter of the room. Firstly, this is the last century, and the modern design of the living room categorically does not accept such a layout. In addition, you will clutter up the space only with leisure objects, leaving no free space for other functional areas.

The best option for the living room interior is the allocation of a central group around which the remaining pieces of furniture will be grouped. As a rule, a relaxation area with a TV and a sofa is chosen as the center of the composition.

Also, the fireplace can be a central element, near which armchairs, rocking chairs or even luxurious skins for relaxation can comfortably be placed.

Standard set of furniture for the design of the living room in the apartment:

  • sofa;
  • several armchairs;
  • coffee or coffee table;
  • shelving for decorative items and / or books.

    If the room is large, or she will have to take on a diverse functional load, it is naturally not worth being limited to this. In the living room there may well be a desktop for the computer, dressers and cabinets, a bar counter.

    In order not to clutter up a cramped room too much, give preference to today’s popular transformer models. Such furniture is very functional and allows you to save scarce space.

    Color selection
    If your living room is on the sunny side, then you are practically unlimited in the choice of colors for its decoration and furniture. It will be very interesting to look at the contrasting interior design of the living room. For example, walls and floors can be decorated in cool colors, while furniture can be contrasted in warm colors.

    Many modern interior styles welcome the design of the living room in the apartment “on a clean sheet.” This technique involves decorating the walls and ceiling with plain white stucco or paint. And furniture and decor elements can be selected in a wide variety of colors: bright or deep dark – to create a spectacular and stylish interior, delicate and pastel – for a light, cozy and elegant design.

    For living rooms with windows to the north, almost devoid of daylight, it is worth choosing a finish in warm colors. This interior design of the living room compensates for the lack of sun, makes the room cozy and conducive to relaxation no matter what.

    And, of course, if the room is dark, it is worth taking care of good artificial lighting. Well positioned spotlights are best suited to illuminate every corner of your living room.

    Of course, the choice of colors for the design of the room should depend on what visual and emotional effect you want to achieve.

    If the living room is intended for stormy parties and active pastime, then it makes sense to design it in bright, saturated colors.

    If the owners want to indulge in a calm and relaxing vacation, then the interior of the living room should be a match. In this case, it is worth giving preference to soft light tones or, conversely, deep and calm, but in no case screaming.

    Finishing materials
    The choice of finishing materials to a large extent should depend on the style in which you would like to withstand the design of the living room in the apartment. So, for a laconic hi-tech or minimalism, paper wallpapers with romantic flowers are definitely not suitable. And with interiors in the style of Provence or country, bright carpets with psychedelic prints and ultramodern wall coverings with fur or leather texture will not be combined.

    In addition, the shape and size of the room is of great importance. Properly selected finishes perfectly smooth out the flaws of the room and focuses on its merits. While thoughtlessly chosen design can spoil even a spacious and bright room.

    The classic rule – for small rooms it is better to choose light shades. It always works flawlessly. However, if such a solution seems too boring to you, you can try all sorts of interesting wall design options. Spectacular examples of wall design in the living room, photos of which are presented in our article, will help you navigate and choose the most attractive options for yourself.

    For example, even smooth light walls can be made a spectacular detail of the interior, if you add bright or simply contrasting color accents to them. See such unusual living room interior ideas in the photo below.
    All kinds of drywall niches look very stylish. They not only diversify the interior, but also become its very functional detail. Indeed, in them you can place and decorative elements, and items needed in the household. And if such a niche is beautifully highlighted from the inside, this will create an interesting effect of depth.
    The traditional option for decorating the walls of the living room is the wallpaper. Fortunately, there is a great variety of them today: classic paper, modern non-woven, washable, glass, and even innovative liquid wallpapers. If you are a lover of change, then you can pay attention to the wallpaper for painting. With this finish, you can easily change the appearance of the room, at least several times a year. However, note that, as a rule, such wallpapers are designed for a limited number of repaints.
    In a modern interior, smoothly plastered or painted walls look great. At the same time, if you are a lover of the original design, you can choose plaster with all kinds of beautiful and unusual textures. With it, you can add a twist to your design and create a truly beautiful living room interior.
    One of the fashion trends of modern design is a combination of materials. It is very important to use in one room combinations of several finishing options: different types and shades of plaster, paint plus wallpaper or even a combination of two types of wallpaper with different patterns and textures. See examples of similar living room decoration in the photo below.
    With this technique, you can not only make your interior bright, stylish and original, but also successfully cope with the zoning of the room. As you know, for proper zoning it is not enough to collect several diverse groups of furniture in one room. So that all this does not look like a “hodgepodge”, it is necessary to highlight each of the functional areas with its own design elements. And here, the decoration of wall sections in different colors and even different textures is the best fit.


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