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10+ Half Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

You definitely know what half up half down ponytail is. A lot of celebrities have turned this hairstyle into a true hit, making thousands of fans follow this trend. We personally consider that that’s the awesome tendency because such updos are easy, cool, versatile, and just stylish. Don’t know how to put your hair in a ponytail? No problem, it’s easier than it may seem. Take a look at the best versions of this hairstyle and choose the best option!

Half Up Half Down Ponytail for Short, Medium and Long Hair

One of the most significant advantages of this hairstyle is that it’s versatile and pretty easy. If you don’t know how to do a half ponytail, don’t abandon the idea of doing this really stylish hairstyle – the whole process will take a few minutes and require just a very few efforts. Your goal is simple – all you need to do is to wear the up part of hair in the ponytail style and leave the other part out by taking the following steps: wash and brush hair; pull one part of hair up and leave bangs down; tie the top up. Sounds easy, right? Besides, this hairstyle is perfect for short and medium as well as for long hair!

side swept voluminous fishtail ponytail

fancy barbie ponytail hairstyles

Textured Ponytail


Simple Hairstyle: Messy Curly Half Ponytail Style

A messy bun is one of the biggest hits ever, but if you’re tired of it and want to stand out in the crowd, we’d recommend you to turn your attention to the awesome alternative – messy partial ponytail. Just like a bun, this style looks like you don’t care how you look and how others see you; however, at the same time, it’s really stylish. Paradox? Maybe. Still, it’s one of the most popular trends of the season, and if you’re looking for a super-fast and easy hairstyle, this option is absolutely perfect for you.

Ideas of Half Ponytail Bun Hairstyles for Men

Cute half ponytail on top of head looks really stylish, and men have noticed this, too. This hairstyle has a lot of pros, actually. Firstly, it looks gorgeous as with jeans and T-shirt, as with your best suit, and that’s the thing that should be appreciated by those who don’t want to look the same every single day. Secondly, as we have already mentioned, it’s really effortless. Finally, it’s one of the sexiest hairstyles for men ever. Just take a glance at Jared Leto – this man knows how to look amazing!

Easy to Do High Half Ponytail for Wavy Hair

Easy to Do High Half Ponytail for Wavy Hair 1
Some up some down hairstyles have one more important advantage – it’s perfect for literally any type of hair. Do you have straight hair? No problem, your half ponytail will look incredibly voluminous. Short, long, medium, brunette, blonde, and rainbow hair – everything’s allowed. You can even have dreadlocks or cornrows and wear it without any problems. Curly hair is not an exception to this rule. Just take a look at the celebrities that wear curly half ponytail on the red carpet or runway and shine! Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and many other superstars made this style their visit card. In other words, it has everything to become truly iconic.

Half up Ponytail Hairdos with Bangs for Long Straight Hair

It may seem that curly hair is much better when it comes to the half up ponytail. In fact, straight hair isn’t a con, mostly because ladies have a lot of extra styling options they often use to create something really stylish and extraordinary. For instance, girls with straight hair can wash hair at night, braid it and then just wake up to see those desired waves. Besides, you can leave the part of hair straight, and the ponytail curly – that will create truly awesome contrast. Don’t forget about accessories that will make your look even more stylish.

Half Pony Hairstyles with Braids

Half Pony Hairstyles with Braids 2 Half Pony Hairstyles with Braids 3
If you want to look gorgeous this evening, half ponytail with braids is exactly what you need. The only problem is that some of the versions require you to have really thick, voluminous hair. Otherwise, it will look flat. On the other hand, all girls know how to turn straight hair into curly, right? The result is worth the efforts. Moreover, there are a lot of ways of styling. What do you think about the fishtail? We bet you’ll get a lot of compliments because it grabs a lot of attention. Are you looking for a perfect romantic look? Half pony hairstyles + braids + ribbon = the perfect combination! Besides, there’s a hairstyle known as bridal half ponytail – isn’t it a proof of its “romantic value”?

Impressive Half Ponytail Weave for Black Women

We live in a remarkable time. Humanity has made a lot of huge steps in a few decades. The speed of growth is unbelievable – a few decades ago we couldn’t even imagine tons of things we use nowadays. We’re talking not only about computers, smartphones, and other devices but also about the beauty sphere. If you want your half ponytail to be really impressive, weave will help you get the best updo ever. African American women know what to do with it, and get awesome results. Just take a glance at these pictures – isn’t it the best proof that this easy hairstyle is absolutely beautiful? Moreover, the best thing about weave is that you can change your look as often as you want!

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